"Fans of Steely Dan, Joni Mitchell and music that
is lush, with an air of sophistication will appreciate
where this talented lady is coming from."
~ Detroit Press

"Comparitives? Phoebe Snow, Sade, June
Christy, Randy Crawford, Lonnie Liston
Smith (on quaaludes), and Kenny Rankin,
that bunch…and we can always use one more
in the pack, can't we? Always."
Mark Tucker~Music Exchange

"Those rare moments where old school and
new school meet are few and far between.
Kronstadt's vocal gift is one of the finest
suited for such a marriage."
Brent Black ~ Bop-N-Jazz

"Gina Kronstadt brings a fresh,
contemporary voice to jazz, both in her
singing and her songs."
~ The Jazzpage.com

"Kronstadt knows how to paint scenes and
tell stories with her words and
arrangements. She is decidedly L.A.Hip."
Jordan Richardson~ Something Else

"This is Kronstadt's time in the spotlight
and she makes a strong case it is where she
has belonged all along."
Jeff Winbush ~ All About Jazz

"Come Over" has that special kind of cool running
throughout. You don't have to be a hipster to eat this
with a spoon. Check it out."
Chris Spector ~ Editor/Publisher Midwest Record

"A quite magnificent debut."
~ The Jazzpage.com