i think it's about time...

i think it's about time (or past time) i check in with a few updates!

over the past long while, i've been pretty busy being the session violinist girl. i've played on several motion pictures with both michael giacchino and tom newman. these guys absolutely Rule at their craft, and are amazing human beings as well. always so much fun to play their gigs. also, played the Voice again this season. it's not the most rewarding gig ever musically, and it's kind of a circus having to memorize the music, and having hair, makeup and wardrobe…but we always manage to have big fun! also the Ellen show, and a major gig with Rihanna… like that.

the most exciting news, (for me)…is that this fall i'll be recording a new single with keyboard player/producer John Beasley. i've written a few new songs, but i think this last one i just finished will be the one we record first. the direction, the approach is going to be very different from my
past music, and i. cannot. wait.

i'm also super excited about playing Sheila E's new room, The E Spot in studio city california july 30. it's part of their Unplugged series, and i'll be with otmaro ruis on piano, chris colangelo bass, and joel taylor drums.

other than this work stuff i SO wish everyone: Peace, Joy, Happiness and LOVE for/between ALL people.

until the next time~xx