i had suspected something was going on.  the only radio station i had listened to regularly over the past couple of years was changing.  until recently, i would listen online, starting first thing in the morning, and progressing into the afternoon when i could.  i'd get so many flavors of music that move me.  each on~air personality was just THAT...a personality.  each one of those unique personalities would play the music they love, and share who they were through their music.  it created a real relationship and warmth with the listener.

seems big brother's new world order has now grabbed WCLK by the balls.   that special gem in atlanta is no longer what a lot of us fell in love with.  there is now a lack of creativity in music choices... and what makes my head spin, is that i'm pretty sure these artistic decisions are being made by business people.  this is what is happening all over the country, but i had hoped WCLK knew better.  

this station was where i first heard artists like ( jose james, angela johnson, jesse fisher, gregory porter, ben williams etc.).   they dared take chances...including with me.  a song from my new record was First played by Jamal Ahmad.  he heard something he liked, and wanted to share it.  isn't that what it's supposed to be about?    

the new format is not unique or interesting, but rather, what so many other stations across the country have become.   it's always about money. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ 

if they do succeed, i'm pretty sure it will be because of the on~air talent that remains there.  this is where there is still a beating heart.  it's certainly not in the programing.

who stole the s.o.u.l?