#2 'Come Over' tomorrow to CDBaby, amazon and iTunes!

so, regarding my upcoming singer/songwriter/arranger/producer project goes...since radio has been very welcoming, my team and i decided we needed to release this project August 13.  (although it started to leak a tad earlier)...!

this whole process has been a very unexpected journey.  initially, i just was writing some songs, just to write, without any dreams of recording them and certainly not getting the music out like this.  i've never experienced anything quite like the life that this music and process took on.  It has felt almost out of control at times even though, i'm pretty sure that's ME that has been driving this bus! ...:-)

after writing the songs, and being given encouragement to record them, i started making some calls to book my rhythm section.  before all the songs were even written, i had both keyboardist,  john beasley and drummer, gary novak on board.  bassist, reggie hamilton, had been bugging me for years to write more music and told me if i did, he would play.  and then, having met the amazing christian mcBride several months earlier, i just thought, what the hell...all he can do is say no!  so, i asked him if he was going to be in los angeles during our time frame, and he was.  we did two really short days of tracking and i could not have asked for a more perfect group of guys to interpret my music.  

i've known percussionist, luis conte, saxophonist, bob sheppard, and trumpet player, walt fowler forever.  they were no brainers.  i have to have these guys on my music.  and then, there was john daversa.  i met him for the first time working on this music, and he was so amazing to work with.  what a dream team i was certainly blessed with. 

being a session violinist, as well, i called on my friends to come play my string arrangements.  it was just a super fun hang.   definitely a different view of my friends from the podium! ~ and my friends, seeing me from another angle as my conducting was called, "interpretive dance" by studio owner and engineer bill schnee.

all of these players and my team's generosity of time and talent was a beautiful thing, and i am so honored and grateful to have all this talent and all of these friends on my new record.  #ComeOver

life is but a journey.  giddyup.