#1 welcome july.26.13

welcome to my website and my first blog!

i'm enjoying a little cold sake as i write :-) 

there is so much to write, but i think all i'll say at this time, is that music has always been huge in my life.  all the arts have been.  music, dance, (in particular, ballet), art, all types of fashion and design~all things with layers of texture, color and sound.  this is what i understand and gravitate towards naturally. 

those of us who create and entertain our passions for a living are truly blessed.  i've never done anything else and i am so grateful! 

anyway, i hope you'll check in every now and then to catch up.  i'll be writing about different things...from experiences in the music business, (some behind the scenes), and other subjects that might be of interest and surprise you! 

and BTW~ my new CD, 'Come Over' drops aug 27!

until next time, live your passion.