i think it's about time...

i think it's about time (or past time) i check in with a few updates!

over the past long while, i've been pretty busy being the session violinist girl. i've played on several motion pictures with both michael giacchino and tom newman. these guys absolutely Rule at their craft, and are amazing human beings as well. always so much fun to play their gigs. also, played the Voice again this season. it's not the most rewarding gig ever musically, and it's kind of a circus having to memorize the music, and having hair, makeup and wardrobe…but we always manage to have big fun! also the Ellen show, and a major gig with Rihanna… like that.

the most exciting news, (for me)…is that this fall i'll be recording a new single with keyboard player/producer John Beasley. i've written a few new songs, but i think this last one i just finished will be the one we record first. the direction, the approach is going to be very different from my
past music, and i. cannot. wait.

i'm also super excited about playing Sheila E's new room, The E Spot in studio city california july 30. it's part of their Unplugged series, and i'll be with otmaro ruis on piano, chris colangelo bass, and joel taylor drums.

other than this work stuff i SO wish everyone: Peace, Joy, Happiness and LOVE for/between ALL people.

until the next time~xx


i had suspected something was going on.  the only radio station i had listened to regularly over the past couple of years was changing.  until recently, i would listen online, starting first thing in the morning, and progressing into the afternoon when i could.  i'd get so many flavors of music that move me.  each on~air personality was just THAT...a personality.  each one of those unique personalities would play the music they love, and share who they were through their music.  it created a real relationship and warmth with the listener.

seems big brother's new world order has now grabbed WCLK by the balls.   that special gem in atlanta is no longer what a lot of us fell in love with.  there is now a lack of creativity in music choices... and what makes my head spin, is that i'm pretty sure these artistic decisions are being made by business people.  this is what is happening all over the country, but i had hoped WCLK knew better.  

this station was where i first heard artists like ( jose james, angela johnson, jesse fisher, gregory porter, ben williams etc.).   they dared take chances...including with me.  a song from my new record was First played by Jamal Ahmad.  he heard something he liked, and wanted to share it.  isn't that what it's supposed to be about?    

the new format is not unique or interesting, but rather, what so many other stations across the country have become.   it's always about money. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ 

if they do succeed, i'm pretty sure it will be because of the on~air talent that remains there.  this is where there is still a beating heart.  it's certainly not in the programing.

who stole the s.o.u.l?  






#2 'Come Over' tomorrow to CDBaby, amazon and iTunes!

so, regarding my upcoming singer/songwriter/arranger/producer project goes...since radio has been very welcoming, my team and i decided we needed to release this project August 13.  (although it started to leak a tad earlier)...!

this whole process has been a very unexpected journey.  initially, i just was writing some songs, just to write, without any dreams of recording them and certainly not getting the music out like this.  i've never experienced anything quite like the life that this music and process took on.  It has felt almost out of control at times even though, i'm pretty sure that's ME that has been driving this bus! ...:-)

after writing the songs, and being given encouragement to record them, i started making some calls to book my rhythm section.  before all the songs were even written, i had both keyboardist,  john beasley and drummer, gary novak on board.  bassist, reggie hamilton, had been bugging me for years to write more music and told me if i did, he would play.  and then, having met the amazing christian mcBride several months earlier, i just thought, what the hell...all he can do is say no!  so, i asked him if he was going to be in los angeles during our time frame, and he was.  we did two really short days of tracking and i could not have asked for a more perfect group of guys to interpret my music.  

i've known percussionist, luis conte, saxophonist, bob sheppard, and trumpet player, walt fowler forever.  they were no brainers.  i have to have these guys on my music.  and then, there was john daversa.  i met him for the first time working on this music, and he was so amazing to work with.  what a dream team i was certainly blessed with. 

being a session violinist, as well, i called on my friends to come play my string arrangements.  it was just a super fun hang.   definitely a different view of my friends from the podium! ~ and my friends, seeing me from another angle as my conducting was called, "interpretive dance" by studio owner and engineer bill schnee.

all of these players and my team's generosity of time and talent was a beautiful thing, and i am so honored and grateful to have all this talent and all of these friends on my new record.  #ComeOver

life is but a journey.  giddyup.  







#1 welcome july.26.13

welcome to my website and my first blog!

i'm enjoying a little cold sake as i write :-) 

there is so much to write, but i think all i'll say at this time, is that music has always been huge in my life.  all the arts have been.  music, dance, (in particular, ballet), art, all types of fashion and design~all things with layers of texture, color and sound.  this is what i understand and gravitate towards naturally. 

those of us who create and entertain our passions for a living are truly blessed.  i've never done anything else and i am so grateful! 

anyway, i hope you'll check in every now and then to catch up.  i'll be writing about different things...from experiences in the music business, (some behind the scenes), and other subjects that might be of interest and surprise you! 

and BTW~ my new CD, 'Come Over' drops aug 27!

until next time, live your passion.